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Flight Attendant in aircraft cabin.

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You are probably here because you are interested on becoming a flight attendant, or because you are curious about what a flight attendant is and what kind of life and career could a person like you have as a flight attendant.

Get the facts about how to become a flight attendant along with the best and the worst in the airline industry. Get the information directly from internal source who live it day in and day out. Get information on flight attendant interview, qualification, uniform, salary, job description, flight attendant jobs and everything else about how to become a flight attendant.

Are you interested in becoming a corporate flight attendant? We have valuable information about that career also.

Airline's Best

There are great benefits to becoming an airline flight attendant, here are some to start with about flight attendant jobs:

  • Great Flight Benefits
  • Great Schedule Once You Earn Enough Seniority
  • Travel Any Where And Every Where Around The World

Airline's Worst

Along with the best, there are also bad things about the airline industry and being a flight attendant. Here are a few to begin with:

  • Salary/Income
  • Schedule
  • Flight Benefits

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