Choosing an airline to pursue a flight attendant job?

After deciding to become an airline flight attendant, you may or may not want to attend a travel training school such as those that train to become a flight attendant. Most people choosing to enter into the travel industry and specifically travelling and working as a flight attendant choose to work as an airline flight attendant. And of course there is also an option to work as a corporate flight attendant or even a flight attendant for a charter company which is like half corporate and half airline, you get a little bit of benefit from both.

When choosing an airline, most flight attendants start out with smaller airlines such as a regional airline. Some examples are SkyWest, ASA, American Eagle, Horizon, Continental Express, etc. These are great companies to start at and gain experience. Many will move on to the major airlines such as Delta, American, United, Southwest, Airtran, Alaska, and US Air. Usually the major airlines tend to pay more especially long term.

When choosing an airline to work for, you may want to see what airlines have a base near you so you won't have to move, unless you really want to move. More than likely, you will end up being based in a city not near where you live and you will have to move or commute to work. Unless you really want to go through the hassle of commuting to work, I would go ahead and move, especially if the flight attendant job is a career job for you and not just a summer job.

Most airlines are similar, and unless you have a lot of experience and or know someone in the major airlines to help you get hired, you will more likely end up in a regional airline. Regional airlines can be a great place to start and within a few years, you may want to move up to one of the major airlines. There are many flight attendants that choose to stay with the regional and you can still have a career at a regional, but your trips are usually limited to the domestic smaller city destinations.

There's not one airline better than another, although if I had to choose, I would say Southwest Airlines would be a great one to be working for based on what I have heard. But before applying for an airline, make sure you read information about that airline and know where the bases are for flight attendants so that you can make an informative decision on whether to work for that airline.