Becoming a Flight Attendant

Are you ready to become a flight attendant?

Becoming a flight attendant can be quite easy actually. Sometimes getting hired by the airline that you want to work for is more like luck than anything else.

Asian flight attendants.

Many airlines require a minimum age of 18 to become a flight attendant. For the major airlines, most require a minimum age of 21. Having some sort of degree is usually preferred, but not required. If you have a few years of customer service experience somewhere, for the most part, that can usually make up for not having the educational background. There are also requirements such as height, not too high or not too short. Being able to relocate is usually a must, then having a passport for most airline is required, but sometimes you don't actually have to have it right when you get hired. You can usually get your passport while you are in training.

Once you feel like you have most of the requirements for the airlines, then you should send your resume or fill out an application online to as many airlines that you would consider working for. You will probably not get called for an interview at all of the places you sent your resumes to, but you should get a few. Of the few interviews, you can probably expect to get hired, on average, by one airline for every three or four airlines that you applied for.