Have you thought about working as a Corporate Flight Attendant?

There are many perks to working as a corporate flight attendant. Unlke working for an airline, corporate flight attendants don't have to go through security at the airport. The flights depart from FBOs and you basically just walk into a lobby area and out into your aircraft. Car rentals are usually provided by the company along with the hotel while on a layover. The airlines only provide you with the hotel and the hotel van will pick you up at the airport and take you back. Trips are usually one or two legs to your destination and unless it is a day trip, you may have a layover of two or more days.

While on a trip, your corporate flight trip might take you to a small town with nothing to do there but every once in a while you will also go to wonderful places like the Carribeans or other resort locations. Most of the resort location trip layovers are usually a few days or longer as these tend to be big meetings for companies. These trips are great as you can use these as little vacations. Some companies allow spouses to travel on the flight if there is space. Your spouse can also meet you there via the airlines.

Many corporate flight attendants work for companies that have only a few flight attendants on staff. You will always work with the same flight crew on all your trips. This is unlike the airlines where you can go months without ever working with the same crew. This works out great for those individuals who enjoy having a family like environment at work.

Also, just to keep in mind that if you like airline as well as corporate flight departments, some airlines also have a corporate flight department. There are also charter companies where it is like an airline, but companies rent the aircrafts for trips and the charter company will have their pilots and flight attendants work the flight. This is bigger than most corporate flight departments, but it is not an airline. So you might think of it as a flight attendant job with a little bit of corporate and a little bit of airline.

There are many websites to find corporate flight attendant jobs. Listed below are just a few of the oline websites for flight attendant jobs.

Simply Hired
Aviation Week

Corporate Flight Attendant vs. Airline Flight Attendant

Most people who become a flight attendant end up working for an airline. Many don't know that there is also an option to work as a corporate flight attendant. In most cases, a corporate flight attendant make a lot more money than those flight attendants working for an airline. Most corporate flight attendants have airline flight attendant background experience. Some corporate flight departments require a lot more qualifications and experience than most airlines hiring flight attendants.

Corporate flight attendant jobs can be found everywhere even in a not so big of a city. If there is a head quarter for a large company with a flight department flying an aircraft that hold more than just a few passengers, then there is also a flight attendant position in that flight department.

Many corporate flight attendants jobs start at a salary of $40K+ per year and some make up to $100K. But getting one of the top corporate flight attendant jobs is not easy. A lot of people probably get lucky by living in an area where there is a flight department in need of a flight attendant or by social networking. And of course it doesn't help to apply even if you can't network, who knows, you might get lucky.

Once hired a corporate flight attendant usually will train for a few weeks at places like Flight Safety International for the specific aircraft that they will be working on. There is also a yearly recurrent that flight attendants have to attend to keep current on that aircraft.