Do you love to travel? Become a Flight Attendant.

What is a flight attendant? A flight attendant (also known as flight stewards or stewardess, air hostess and cabin crew) work in-flight providing customer service to passengers on board as well as to ensure safety of the flight. The stewardess or flight attendant usually provides in flight services during flight such as serving drinks and food. Long flights usually have more than one food or beverage service while really short flights may not have any.

Some people have mistaken flight attendants as nothing but hostesses or waitresses on a flight. But flight attendants are much more than a service provider during flights, the number one roll of a flight attendant is to ensure safety of the passengers. Think about it, if there were no flight attendants, every passenger on board would have to know all the safety information in case of an emergency. Because if there was no trained flight attendant on board to calm passengers and assist them during an emergency it would be chaotic.

The service part of the flight, which includes the beverage service as well as food service for longer flights are only for provided for the comfort of the passengers. Since most people don't bring drinks or snack for their flights, most would get dehydrated and hungry if it weren't for these comforting services that are provided by the flight attendants.