Starting a flight attendant career.

Becoming a flight attendant will be more than just a career or a job, it will become your life.

Starting from the point when you get hired, the airlines basically has control of what you do and when you do it, at least for a while, until you gain some seniority. Scheduling and your airline company will have you like a puppet for 20-21 days a month while you are on reserve.

Reserve schedule for most of the airlines are 24 hours a day for all the days that you are on reserve. That may mean getting called at eleven at night, or three in the morning. You can expect to get called when you least expect it. So plan for the worst when on reserve.

Asian flight attendants.

Short call is not uncommon, and for some airlines it may be frequently. On short calls, depending on the airline that you are working for, you may get an hour or two to get to the airport and duty-in. Most airlines also have ready reserves who basically stay at the airport all day incase a flight attendant is needed to cover a trip at a very short notice. This is usually not too bad, its better than getting short called.

Reserve doesn't last forever, but it can last anywhere from a few months to over a year or two. You can expect to move up in seniority if your company is growing and hiring new flight attendants and if people senior to you are leaving the airlines.

What are the airline flight attendant career opportunities?

While most flight attendants are satisfied with their airline career and the everyday flying and going from one city to another, there are others who look for opportunities to move up the ladder. While a few positions allow flight attendants to move up with more responsibilities and pay while still flying the line, most positions for advancement does not include flying the line.

Some of the positions you may consider after you become a flight attendant is to become a supervisor or an assistant supervisor. These positions will require you to have the normal eight hour work day five days a week. But if you are getting burned out from working on the line, applying for an office position may be a benefit to you. Besides being home every night, office positions tend to pay a little more than flying the line. Usually, the pay is based on a monthly guaranteed hours. For example, you might get an extra ten or fifteen hours guarantee over the minimum guarantee hours that flight attendants get each month.

Aside from the office positions at the airport flight attendant lounge area, there are also positions available at the headquarter. The positions vary, but most have to do with training. For example, a flight attendant instructor position. As a flight attendant instructor, you will typically work at the headquarter or training facilities providing training to new and current flight attendants. You also will not be working on the line and your pay would also be a higher monthly guarantee.

You can climb the corporate ladder within time if working in an office is something you can enjoy.