Do you like instructing. Consider a flight attendant instructor job.

Once you are a flight attendant, you may want to try something new and a flight attendant instructor position might be something to consider.

Flight attendant instructors work at the training center, headquarter and may do some hands on training at the airport. It is not always easy getting one of these positions as there are not many positions available. Airline Flight attendant instructors are paid with a higher monthly guarantee but with no per diem unless they actually work a trip.

The biggest benefit to become a flight attendant instructor is that you will be home almost every night. Most flight attendant instructors still fly a few trips a month to keep current on the aircraft. And if you love to learn and teach others this would be a great position to be in. You'll get to teach and still have your flight benefits.

You can also become a corporate flight attendant instructor. Companies like Flight Safety International hire for Flight Attendant Instructors to teach flight attendants from corporate flight departments. It's not an airline job, however, it usually pays more than the average airline flight attendant job but maybe less than a corporate flight attendant job.