What is the flight attendant interview like?

Each airline has their own way to conduct interviews for flight attendants. These examples are just a few of the many ways interviews can be done. But most airlines will have some that are similar to these interviews.

Interview example one:

A large open interview of about 30 or so. Then broken down to groups of about 10 in front of about 5 interviewers. They might ask you to say your name each time that you speak as well as read and answer a question from a card that you picked out of a stack.

If you make it through the first cut, then you may be required to take a test. The test is just to show that you are mentally capable for the job.

After the test, if you pass, you can expect to get a one on one interview. One on one might be you alone together with one or a few of the interviewers.

Interview example two:

A large open interview of maybe a hundred applicants. After a short introduction, the big group is broken down into groups of five.

The group of five might sit in front of two or three interviewers and take turn answering the questions one by one.

If you pass the group interview, you will be then invited to interview on a one on one. You might interview with one or two interviewers there.

Interview example three:

A big group of about 30-50 in front of one interviewer. One by one, each applicant will go to the front of the room in front of everyone and state their name as well as answer a question or two from the interviewer.

After passing the big group interview, the interviewer will narrow down the applicants to about half. This half that was chosen, goes in and answers more questions from the interviewer one by one.

The applicants who pass this group interview will be invited back for another interview.

The next interview will be a group interview, where you get tested for height, as well as given a scenario for your group to work on together.

After the group interview, each applicant is interviewed one by one by one interviewer.

Interview example four:

A one on one interview with one or more interviewer and yourself.

This can sometimes happen with smaller airlines and corporate flight departments hiring for corporate flight attendants and sometimes if you are coming to the interview from another state. If interviewing for an airline, you will be flown in on standby for your appointment.