A flight attendants day.

Example of a flight attendant trip.

A flight attendants day is different for every trip. Some trips that a flight attendant may go on are naps, day lines, two day, three day, four days, and sometimes longer. Some trips are domestic while other trips are international which makes that trip quite different.

For example a flight attendant going on a two day domestic trip might be:

Duty in late morning for a two day trip laying over at Orange County, CA from Dallas Ft. Worth. You check in via a sign in sheet or a computer, to show that you have arrived for your trip.

You go to your mail box which is located at the flight attendant's lounge to see if you received any thing in your box.

You look on the screen to check where your airplane is located and if it is on the ground. You go to your airplane for your pre-flight checks and to meet the other crews.

You do your pre-flight by checking to make sure that all emergency equipment are there and operational.

You go through the cabin to make sure everything looks good and clean and you check your galley to make sure that you have all of what you will need for that flight as far as drinks and snacks.

You give the okay to the flight crew and the ramper that you are ready to board and the passengers start arriving. You and the other flight attendants welcome and assist the passengers to their seats and help with their bags.

After all the passengers have boarded, you or another flight attendant will make a boarding announcement.

When the flight crew are done with their paper work, you close the boarding door and do a walk through the cabin, getting ready for taxi.

While in taxi, you or another flight attendant will make a departure announcement. Then you walk through the cabin again to make sure everyone is ready for take off.

You tell your flight crew that cabin is ready for take of and you take your jump-seat.

Your flight crew will let you know once you have reached 10 thousand feet and you make a beverage announcement at that time.

After it is safe to do so, the flight crew will turn off the seat belt sign and you start on your beverage service. You and the other flight attendants will go through the cabin serving every passenger snacks and drinks.

Throughout the flight you walk through the cabin picking up cups and other trash from passengers.

Your flight crew will let you know when you are about 30 min. from arriving to Orange County, CA. You make your initial approach announcement and start cleaning and preparing the cabin for arrival.

You and the other flight attendant will fill out a catering form for anything that the next flight will need.

The flight crew lets you know that you are at final approach and you make your final approach announcement and do one last cabin check.

The airplane lands and you make your arrival announcement.

The airplane parks at the gate, and the seat belt sign turns off and you open the boarding door. The passengers deplane and you say good bye and thank you to all the passengers.

Your crew checks the cabin one last time, making sure that everyone had deplaned and didn't leave anything behind.

You leave the airplane and go to the transportation pick-up area to find your hotel van.

You fill out the forms in the hotel van and get your room key. You get to the hotel and walk to your room. You do a room check with your door open to make sure that your room is clear.

There's usually restaurants and shopping near the hotel so you decide to leave your room to get something to eat and window shop.
You might meet your crew for dinner or just go get food on your own. And since your duty-in tomorrow is late morning, you can get a drink or two before bed time. So you meet your crew at the hotel bar to socialize and get a couple of drinks.

The night starts getting late and you decide to get to your room to go to sleep.

You wake up the next morning, and maybe eat at the hotel restaurant for breakfast. You get dressed and ready for your trip again back home, which will take you to Salt Lake City, UT then on home to Dallas Ft. Worth.

You meet your crew down stairs at the hotel lobby and you all get into the hotel van for the airport.

Once at the airport, you go through security and find your airplane. You board your aircraft and do your pre-flight and cabin checks once again.

When you are ready to board, passengers board the aircraft and the flight is off to Salt Lake City.

At Salt Lake City, the passengers deplane and you board your flight up once again for your flight to Dallas Ft. Worth.

You get to Dallas Ft. Worth and deplane the passengers. You check the cabin one last time then you leave the aircraft and head towards the flight attendant lounge.

At the flight attendant lounge, you check your mail box one more time before leaving, for any notes or revision.

You leave and catch the bus to the employee parking lot where you get into your car to go home.