Become a Flight Attendant using a flight attendant school.

Flight attendant school is not required nor necessary for someone to become a flight attendant. Most airlines will provide their own training for flight attendants on everything that they would need to know about being a flight attendant for that airline such as safety training and training on every type of aircraft that the airline operates.

Fight attendant school is not a bad idea for those people looking to be a flight attendant and want a head start before going to the actual training class for an airline.

Here is a list of schools that you may want to choose to attend when perusing a career as a flight attendant.

  • International Air and Hospitality Academy
  • The Travel Academy
  • Airline In Flight
  • The Airline Academy

Keep in mind that a lot of flight attendants get hired even without receiving any type of training from a travel school or flight attendant school. The biggest thing that employers look for is whether you have customer service experience. So if you can't go to any travel schools/flight attendant training schools, try to make sure you have held a job working with customers, such as retail, etc. prior to applying for a flight attendant job.

If you are planning on attending a flight attendant school, there are schools that also offer online flight attendant classes. Just something to keep in mind.