Airline Reserve & Probation

A new flight attendant was on reserve for a regional airline. New flight attendants are on probation for their first six months of work and are usually on reserve any where from a few months to a year or more.

Flight attendants on probation are restricted in a way from calling in sick or anything like it for sex months. If a flight attendant calls in sick during a probational period, they can get their probation extended for longer than than the six months and get occurrences.


This new flight attendant, who was on probation, had a son who was getting married, but she was working on the day he was going to get married. She requested and kept putting request to get her sons wedding day off to attend the ceremony, but she kept getting denied.

She was told that she would get an occurrence and her probation would get extended if she didn't work. She was intimidated by the occurrence system and the possibility of what could happen to her probation that she went ahead and worked missing her son's wedding.

There are other big companies that may be like this to their employees, but some of the airlines might be the worst at this type of human relations with their employees.