A Flight Attendant in College

Being a flight attendant was great and it helped me go to college and get my degree.

There are bad things about being a flight attendant, but there are a lot of good things that can come out of being a flight attendant.

When I first started as a flight attendant, the only thing that I had was experience from my customer service job. I never went to college, my job before took up a lot of my time that I didn't know how to fit college into my life. Then I became a flight attendant and that's when I saw the opportunity to go to college and get my degree.

When I first started as a flight attendant, I was on reserve. Lucky for me, the company was growing so my time on reserve was quite short. A few months after starting and I was holding a line. I didn't actually start going to college until almost a year into flying and it worked out great because my schedule was getting better by that point.


I went to a community college full time, taking anywhere from 9 to 14 hours credit a semester. My schedule as a flight attendant got better by each passing month which worked out great with my school. At first I did naps where I went to work at night and came back in the morning and was off until that evening. The schedule was three naps in a row and two days off in a row. I was off basically everyday since I only worked at night and that gave me the schedule to be able to go to school during the day.

Some of my semesters of school I had classes Monday to Friday, just different times each day. And other times, I only had two or three days of school. I also did a little bit of internet courses, which worked out great for the times when I couldn't hold the naps that I wanted.

Almost all types of flight schedules worked with my classes. On the semesters where I only went to school three days a week, I could work a four day, three day, two day, day line or a nap on the four days that I was not going to school.

So if you have not gone to college or just haven't finished, becoming a flight attendant should give you enough flexibility to go to college and finish like I did. Being on reserve wouldn't do you much good trying to go to school, but once you start holding a solid line, your schedule can become pretty flexible.