Ready for flight attendant initial training?

After getting accepted by an airline, you will be scheduled a date to attend an initial training class. Most training classes usually last about six weeks. Some training may be more or less depending on the airline that you are with.

There is usually an introduction/welcome for your first day of initial training. This is where you meet most of the trainers who will be in your classes for the next six weeks. You also will get a chance to meet all of your classmates for the first time. There can be anywhere from 20-50+ flight attendants on training at any given class.

For the next six weeks, you can expect to go to class all day long and have an exam about every other day. For flight attendants, a 90% or higher is required to pass each exam. So while you are at the hotel, you will find yourself studying everyday after class and on the weekends.

Weekends are a little bit different, you don't have classes, but you do have observation flights that you must go on every weekend.

After passing all the class room training, you will be expected to get a few hours of IOE, that is necessary for the FAA, to be considered a flight attendant. Basically, you will work the flight as if you are the flight attendant for that flight and a trainer will evaluate you and check you off for your hours completed.

There is also a final exam that each flight attendant will have to take one by one. Each airline might have different forms of final exams for the flight attendants. A final exam might consist of going to to the mock up airplane where you must pretend to perform your flight attendant duties, which includes making your announcement, and during the flight you are given an emergency to handle. Once an emergency is given, you must act fast and accurately to pass the final exam.

After passing all the requirements, a graduation ceremony is conducted for the flight attendants to accept a certificate in front of families and friends.