What is a domicile when working as a flight attendant?

A domicile in airline terms is the permanent location of the flight crew. Some airlines have one domicile while other airlines, especially the larger major airlines, have several domiciles including international.

A domicile is assigned to all new hire flight attendants depending on where the flight attendants are needed. Sometimes if there are more than one choice for domicile, new hire flight attendants can bid for the domicile of their choice. The award for the domicile will be given to flight attendants by seniority.

New hired flight attendants in training are given a seniority number based on age. The older you are the higher your seniority is for that class and can typically have your choice of domicile if a choice is available. Once the vacancy is filled for a chosen domicile, everyone else will be given a domicile with open vacancy.

Flight attendants are able to put a transfer to another domicile after a period of time, such as weeks or months, depending on the flight attendant contract. Once a vacancy opens up for the chosen domicile, a transfer will be granted in the order of seniority.