What do flight attendants do on Layovers?

A layover for an airline or corporate flight attendant can consist of a few hours to a week. Most airlines have trips from a day line to a four day. However, longer trips do exist. The layover during the trip is the time the flight crew is on the ground for the day or and night.

If you are on a day line, your layover might only be a few hours on the ground before the flight turns around and flies again. On trips two days or more, your layover will consist of overnight at a hotel. Some overnight layovers are as short as eight hours and can be as long as a few days. Although long layovers are not typical in the airlines, corporate flight attendants will often have long layovers and might even last a week or longer.

While on layovers, airline flight attendants typically stay around the hotel as the hotel transportation is the only option for getting around. And because the layovers are not very long, there is usually not enough time to do much. As for corporate flight attendants, the company will usually rent the flight crew a car to get around. And during some of the longer layovers, it is easier to go out and explore the city.