Do you want to go back to school?

Most but not all companies provide some sort of tuition assistance. This goes for the airlines. While some airlines offer a benefit of tuition assistance to their employees, this only an added benefit and it is not mandatory for companies to offer such benefit.

Tuition assistance means assisting in one form or another an employee who attends classes to better themselves. Now sometimes there is a catch and you may want to make sure you fully understand what your company's tuition assistance program covers. Some will cover the cost of tuition up to a certain dollar amount, and some will cover half of the tuition. Sometimes only certain classes are covered by this benefit and this is why you want to make sure the class you will be taking is part of what is covered to make use of this benefit. And other times, the tuition assistance benefit will only cover the cost of the tuition if you make a certain grade. Usually the tuition amount is reimbursed at the end of the year. So yes, you will have to come out of pocket for you classes at the beginning.

So if your company does provide tuition assistance, make use of it as this is like free money and go to school. You're just wasting it if you don't use it.