Flight Attendant Interview for Atlantic Southeast Airlines

In the late 1990s and early 2000s the airlines where hiring a lot of flight attendants as the airline industry was growing as was the economy. The airlines held a lot of open interviews and many new flight attendants would get hired each month.

Applying for an airline today is very simple, you can get an application online and mail it in or even apply right on the internet electronically sending in your application and resume. This is new from a decade ago when applicants had to send in their resume to airlines via actual USPS mail in an envelope. Even though some airlines will still accept resume mailed to them for employment, most like to have everything filled out online.

After applying for a Flight Attendant position at Atlantic Southeast Airlines, you will receive a letter for an invitation to attend an open interview or you may get a letter stating that they do not need you at this time. If you do get an invitation to attend their open interview, they will provide you with information on the dates and times as well as how to obtain a standby seat on a flight if you are from out of town.

The open interview is frequently held at hotels and there are usually a lot of applicants attending at one time. After signing in, you will be asked to be seated until everyone gets settled in and then interview/introduction begins. The interviewers will talk a little bit about the process as well as other airline information that may be important for the applicants to know at that time. You will then be broken into several groups and each group will be given a table to go to and there you will have the group interview.

At the group interview, there are typically more than one interviewer and about five interviewees. The interviewer will ask one question after another and each applicant will take turns answering the questions. Sometimes, they will ask a different questions for each person. Most questions do have to do with customer service and personal characteristics such as strengths.

Once the group interview is over, its time to wait for the phone call, an invitation for a one on one interview. If you are not chosen to move on to the one on one interview, you will receive a thank you letter instead of the phone call. When you receive a phone call, you will be asked to attend a one on one interview and again if you are from out of town, you will have to fly on standby to get to your interview.

The one on one interview is done at the headquarter. There are usually two interviewers and the questions are again about customer service and how well you can work with others and or on your own. The one on one interview is not hard and there are usually only a few questions, can be rather short actually.

If you get offered a job, you will get a call for the job offer. A thank you letter will be mailed to you if they have decided not to offer you a job. Once offered a flight attendant job and you accept, you would then choose a class date, which usually start within a month or two. Training is about six weeks. Congratulations, you are almost a Flight Attendant!