Flight attendant interview process for Continental Airlines

Depending on the airline, some will provide you with a standby ticket to attend a group interview and others will leave it up to you to get to the group interview yourself. Continental Airlines was and maybe still leave it up to applicants who are from out of town to get to the interview on their own. Some airlines will hold interviews in other cities making it easier for those applicants living in those cities to attend a group interview. But if you live in an area where most airlines don't conduct group interviews, then it is up to you to get to the interview yourself.

After applying online, an invitation is usually sent to you to attend a group interview. A list of the dates and location of the upcoming interview will be provided and you can select the location to attend. If you are planning on attending an interview in a different city, it will be up to you to get there.

The interview is held in a hotel and depending on the city, some will have more applicants attending the interview than others. All the applicants will first be broken into groups to do a group interview. After the group interview, everyone will take turns being called in for a one on one interview. There seemed to be a lot more questions in this interview than some of the other airlines. One of the question that they might ask you is why you would want to work for Continental Airlines. Make sure you do your research on the company before hand and know what it is that would make a person want to work for this airline.

After attending one of the group interview for Continental Airlines, you will receive a phone call to attend an interview at the headquarters in Houston, TX or receive a letter thanking you for attending one of their interviews.

Usually, if you receive the phone call to go to Houston, TX you are likely to get the job. Don't despair if you don't as there are many airlines out there. If you really want to work for Continental Airlines, then you can try again after a few months. If you do get hired, be ready to move to one of their domiciles.