Fight attendant interview with Horizon Airlines

Every airline have their own way of doing interviews. Some like having an open interview with large groups and some do smaller groups. The style of interview conducted is not really that important. Sometimes, the more interviews you attend, the more comfortable you will be later. Each interview will make you more comfortable for the next. And sometimes it will take a few interviews before you will get hired.

For Horizon Airlines interview, the process goes like this. At a hotel conference room, applicants are welcomed in and given a name tag. You can sit anywhere in the room, it is a big room and can hold a lot of people applying for the few positions available. Once everyone has been seated, the interviewer's will welcome everyone and talk a little bit about the airline. Then, the applicants are broken into a small group of about ten and taken to another room for a small group interview. The interviewer will have some cards with questions and each applicant will take turns picking a card with a question and going up to the front of the room reading and answering the questions on the card.

If you are lucky enough to move on to the next step, you will get a chance to be interviewed on a one on one with the interviewer. If not, you will be dismissed and that is the end of your interview.

Because times have changed and the economy has changed, the interview process for most airlines have also changed to reflect the time. So if you do attend an interview for horizon airlines, or any other airline for that matter, always expect the unexpected and you will not be caught unprepared. And although the interview process may change, the interview questions typically stay relatively the same. Most questions are about customer service and what you would do or have done during a certain situation.