Flight Attendant interview process with Mesa Airlines

After applying for Mesa Airlines, you can probably expect to receive a phone call. If you are local, they would ask you to come to one of their open interview. If you are from another state, then you probably will get an appointment for an interview. Most people who apply for airline jobs are from other cities and state. If you are local and can't attend an open interview, they will sometimes work with you and ask you to come in for a one on one interview.

If you are from out of state, they will provide you with a non-rev ticket to fly to Phoenix Arizona where their headquarter is located. The headquarter office is actually within walking distance from the airport, so after getting off your flight, you would just go down to baggage claim and walk to the Mesa Airlines office.

At the interview, one interviewer will have you fill out some paperwork and then interview you for the job. Most questions are simple and typically only a few questions are asked during the one on one interview. And as long as you have customer service experience and can talk about some of the above and beyond services you have provided it would probably help. This is common on most airline flight attendant job interviews as well as for corporate flight attendant jobs.

After the interview, you should receive a phone call or a letter telling you that they do not need you at this time or if they would like to hire you for a flight attendant position. If you do not get the job, don't be disappointed, there are many airlines out there and there might be a better airline for you. And don't forget that if at first you don't succeed, try again!