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Most if not all flight attendant schools or training schools are designed for flight attendants entering the corporate flight attendant career. Almost all airlines do not require prospective flight attendants to have any type of flight attendant training, but it certainly does not hurt to be ahead and it may make your resume stand out and may even give you a better chance of getting hired.

There are training schools that are designed specifically for companies to send their flight attendants there for both initial and recurrent. Some schools offer some online courses but for the most part, you will have to actually attend the school for the actual training as a lot of what is covered cannot be learned online alone.

As far as corporate flight attendant jobs, there will be some that require the flight attendant to already have some training and or experience such as airline flight attendant experience. Once you do get hired by a corporation, chances are, they will send you off to a place like Flight Safety International to train in the specific aircraft that you will be working in. You will learn pretty much everything you need to know during your initial training.

However, if you are considering attending a flight attendant school, there are several schools to choose from and some even offer online courses. The cost of the tuition is up to a few thousand dollars for about a week or two of classes. Make sure you are really serious about becoming a flight attendant before spending thousands of dollars in training. A lot of the flight attendant schools do offer job placement assistance, but you can't always rely on getting a job that way.

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