Yearly Flight Attendant Recurrent

After you become a flight attendant, training is not over. Once a year you will have to schedule or choose the days you want to attend recurrent training or class. Recurrent training is usually done in the month that you had your initial training. So if you had initial flight attendant training on September 2011, then your recurrent training will be on September of 2012.

Recurrent training means a training that occurs once a year and it is to keep you current on your job. If you don't attend your recurrent training when you are supposed to, you will not be able to fly the line because you will not be current and you and the company can get in trouble by the FAA.

Recurrent training is usually two or three days of training back at the training facility or company headquarter. Some of the training may be done ahead of time at home on your computer which you would then only have to do the hands on training while attending your recurrent. This can shorten the number of days that you go for training.

Because recurrent training is only two or three days, there is not enough time to cover most of what you have learned during your initial training and therefore most of what is covered is safety. Some of what are covered is preflights, emergency equipment, emergency drills as well as CPR. And just like initial, you will have a final exam and would have to pass each exam with a 90% or higher.