What do Flight Attendants Do In Flight?

By the time most people reach working age, they have probably been on a flight or two and have experienced the in flight service offered by flight attendants or stewards during the duration of their flight. Almost all flights over thirty minutes have some sort of in flight service or services. And depending on the actual flight time, it may only be a beverage service. For longer flights, a food service is usually provided and sometimes more than once.

So what else do flight attendants do other than serve food or drinks? To start off, flight attendants pre-flight the aircraft and board passengers, assist passengers and check to make sure that the aircraft cabin is ready and safe for flying. Once all the passengers have been boarded, a double check is made to make sure that all passengers are buckled in and belongings are stowed and ready for take off.

After take-off and once the aircraft is above ten thousand feet, flight attendants will start getting the beverage and food carts ready for an in flight service. Soon after reaching cruise altitude, a beverage service is provided for the passengers. The service may include only a beverage and a snack or for longer flights a meal or a sale of meals are also provided. And depending on the duration of the flight more than one beverage service may be provided.

During the rest of the flight, flight attendants will assist passengers requiring assistant. Flight attendants also provide comfort and safety to passengers throughout the entire flight.

Before landing, the flight attendants will clean up the food and beverage service items and secure the cabin for landing which includes making sure that all passengers are seated with seatbelts and all baggages have been properly put away.

Once on the ground, the flight attendants will deboard the passengers and provide any assistant to passengers requiring additional assistant. And depending on the airline, some airlines require flight attendants to help clean the aircraft by straightening of seatbelts and making sure there are no trash in the seating area and aisles. Most major airlines do not require flight attendants to assist the cleaners with cleaning the cabin.