Do you love to travel? Become a flight attendant.

When looking for a job or a career, one might consider an airline career as there are many great benefits that come with working for an airline. And many people looking for an airline employment look to become a flight attendant.

Flight attendants and pilots travel more than anyone. Most flight attendants are working twenty days a month and have at least ten overnights at a hotel each month. Now that's a lot of traveling. But if you are like me, the feeling of being up in the sky and going from one city to another is enjoyable and very satisfying. I just love looking out the window and seeing everything from above.

So obviously, the biggest benefit to becoming a flight attendant is the travel benefit and I don't just mean the travel while working. Flight benefits while off duty is a huge perk for everyone with an airline job. Most airlines have some sort of travel benefits, while some are better than others, for the most part the flight is free. But keep in mind that although the flight may be free, it is only useful if there is an open seat as the free flights are for standby only. So when there is an open seat, the seats are given to employees on standby for that flight. Sometimes the flights are full and it can become difficult getting on a flight.

Airline jobs provide other benefits which most companies also provide like medical, dental, and many other types of insurance. A 401K for retirement is usually provided and the employers will typically match up to a certain amount per year.

Other benefits to being a flight attendant is working with a lot of different people and meeting new people all the time, both co-workers and passengers. While staying at hotels, most hotels offer points which you can later use for free nights. A lot of layovers provide enough time to explore the town or city where you are staying. It's almost like a mini vacation sometimes.