What is it like to work with pilots on the line?

What is it like for flight attendants to work with pilots in the aircraft on trips and overnights?

Flight attendants, for the most part, have the same type of schedules with pilots. At most airlines, if you are a line holder, you might work with the same two pilots for the whole month. If you are on reserve, or if you change your schedule a lot, you will end up working with a lot of different pilots for the month.

Working with pilots is just like working with anyone else in any other job. There are some pilots who are nice, and some who are not so nice. Working with the same pilots all month is only great if you are friends with the pilots, but if you can't get along with the pilots that you are flying with, if you are senior enough, you can change your schedule around through open time.

Most pilots are easy to get along with, there are only a few pilots out of a big group that a lot of flight attendants may avoid and want to avoid flying with. When you become a flight attendant, you will probably hear from other flight attendants who are the people to avoid flying trips with.

On most layovers, pilots and flight attendants will usually hang out together going to restaurants, to bars or clubs, or even doing other activities that are available in the city that they are laying over.